Poema del Club Inklings Español

Grupo del Club Inklings Español: Miguel A. Mateos Carreira, Javier Sesé Fuentes, y Miguel Corvo Goméz.

Where that jewel between hidden mountains is,

where the forgotten name, of the briliant solitary.

Maybe occult in the Earth of Taerguron of snow cover,

it is in the capital, in occult Arjiúa of the wrong.

To the north of the hills that of the thunder the name takes,

near the Isen that runs for the forest of Thideas.

Now The sadness and darkness is for the big occult buildings,

in the capital of the Great Kingdom of Aranduë now forgotten.

They in the sources don't sing the birds that now look for,

the memories that she soles keep occult in the old cairn.

© Miguel Angel Mateos Carreira, 2006

Meanwhile the time was passing, his senses were waking up.

Darkness, coldness, dampness.

He perceived soon a nauseating smell,

he also tasted the sweet flavour of his blood.

He tried to get up but he felt his bones like lead and his brawns like gum.

A cold sweat was going over his skin,

he tried to look in the middle of the opaque darkness,

getting up slowly, but then, he collapsed.

It was time to wait, time, it needed time.

Fight, they would fight, Arandunë would return.

© Javier Sesé Fuentes, 2006

Sings of the blood, my bard, of the Strong one and Brave,

woman that I cause cry in the hearts of men and gods.

That that sank many valiant lives in the abysses,

from those that she seized for their dogs and birds.

Which beautiful muse that rises with their to starry Venus,

she goes up and she sleeps, and to their side their husband, with sweet and brave dream.

Author that companies begin and to the “combat” she prepares,

and all tose that the seeks some with another they complain.

The one that whose body is fire for the men,

and that with their wailing will make run off with to which he lies sleeping.

© Miguel Corvo Gomez & Miguel A. Mateos Carreira 2006

© Miguel Angel Mateos Carreira & Arandunë Editions 2006

Del poema como trabajo completo © Club Inklings Español 2006-2008